Here We Go Again

August 2, 2017
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August 2, 2017 Steve
Sharing a moment with our dachshund puppy Augie in the photo studio. Augie is a total sweetheart, but not very "peoply" (she only has eyes for her mom and dad.

An overhaul of this website has been long overdue, so I lit a match, tossed over it my shoulder, and walked away from the piles of clutter that possessed the old site. I will be working on a new layout, with links to various images from a collection over 35 years in the making that numbers nearly half a million photographs. I will be scouring through the archives to find those 10 or 12 good images, and will be adding new work as I complete a bunch of projects I have been planning to get to lately. Thanks for checking in; hope you brought the marshmallows!


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