Million Photos For Charity

A Million Photos for Charity is a way of giving back, and while I am a commercial photographer, much of the work I do is at cost or free of charge to support deserving organizations and individuals as often as I am able.

Millions of people have enjoyed my work over the years, and Million Photos is an idea to further my ability to support worthwhile charitable and non-profit organizations by sharing in the retail success from my entire range of works; my pledge is to contribute half of all profits from the sales of prints and other products to charity. My goal is to sell a million items that feature my original photography and digital art in furtherance of that pledge.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding a page to enable viewers and purchasers of this site to suggest and vote on the charities they believe would benefit the most from this endeavor, and all eligible organizations will receive contributions proportionate to the votes received.

Do I profit from the sales of my work? Simply put yes, but I am committed to the concept that others will benefit from my success, so the more products that sell, the more funds are available to give away. I encourage you to browse my print shop, and half of the profits will be set aside for charity. You get a quality fine art print, canvas, greeting card, coffee cup, or any other item offered, and everybody (including you) wins from the purchase.

If you like the idea, support the cause and spread the word using the hashtag #MillionPhotosForCharity, and encourage others to do the same. I need your help to reach this goal.