About Me

Not every day is an adventure, but most come pretty close!
Steven Green Lo-Fi self headshot cutoff

I am Steve Green, a guy who has had a very interesting life. I still occasionally do and throughout that pretty amazing journey, a camera has been by my side. From my time as a young soldier on the bomb squad, through two wars as an adviser in later life, my alter ego as photographer has remained one constant for me since picking up my first 35mm SLR in high school. Photography has helped me document my life but more importantly, the world around me that I have been fortunate enough to witness. My photo does not show age, but experience (it also demonstrates my ability to move those little sliders around in post-processing). I embrace the weathered look; this journey has lasted more than thirty-five years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon!

Thank you for swinging by the site to look around! If you like what you see, drop me a line. I am constantly in search of new and interesting projects to add to my portfolio!