Welcome to the official website of American photographer Steven Green, with information and links to photographs and other works from an original collection over 35 years in the making. Purchases help support non-profit causesĀ for the arts, veterans, animal welfare and other beneficial charitable organizations.

About Steven Green

Steven Green is an American military veteran and award-winning documentary photographer based in El Paso, Texas. Self-taught, Steve picked up his first 35mm camera as a high school student in the late 70’s. Photography has been a part-time profession but full-time passion for more than three decades. Steve’s interest in documentary photography began as a soldier in the United States Army while stationed in Germany during the mid 80’s.

Prolific but relatively anonymous in professional photography circles for most of his career, Steve’s work has appeared in print and on display along the walls of numerous non-profit and U.S. government agencies over the years. Notable public presentations of Steve’s work include aerial photography of Afghanistan in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and his on-the-ground coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom was featured the book “Surviving War” by the University of Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Steve is self-represented, focusing primarily on commercial location and event photography when at home in El Paso, but continues to build his portfolio of travel and documentary street and urban photography when out and about on assignment or just traveling for fun. Steve is also an accomplished studio portrait and abstract photographer when his schedule permits. The images featured on this site represent his ever-expanding collection of creative work.

Steven Green on Location with camera

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